Dimethyl ether (DME) is a synthetic compound with the formula CH3OCH3. It can be produced from various sources such as coal, natural gas, waste or biomass. It is a clean alternative fuel and has very similar physical properties to LPG. It can be used as a substitute of LPG for cooking and heating purposes or a replacement of diesel for trucks and buses. Due to its ultra low PM emissions and suitability to be produced from renewable sources, DME is known as one of the cleanest alternative fuels of the future.

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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is one of the most promising transport fuels of the future due to its very low emissions and increased production capacity after the US shale gas revolution. It is actually exactly the same “natural gas” that we use at our homes for cooking and heating, just compressed to around 250 – 300 bars and stored in a high pressure cylinder to transport. The main compound in natural gas, and so CNG, is Methane which has only 1 carbon against 4 Hydrogen (CH4), resulting very low COemissions compared to heavier hydrocarbons.

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Synthetic Natural Gas or Substitute Natural Gas is a gas with similar properties to natural gas so that it can be blended into natural gas grid. SNG is used as a back-up system in case of shortages in the natural gas grid or as peak-shaving system to cover the high natural gas demand in peak times. SNG can be produced from different feedstocks such as coal, LPG and biofuels. Processes may differ depending on the feedstock e.g. methane is produced from gasification of coal or LPG is blended with air to have similar burning properties (Wobbe index) to NG.

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