Automation systems are vital organs of a facility for efficient and safe functioning, no matter it is a production plant or a warehouse. Today, we use automation systems in manufacturing, controlling, handling, transportation and even in security. With the fast advancement in technologies like robotics and electronics, automation systems are occupying more space in our plants everyday. Machine vision helps us define characters, shapes, quality and actions within second. Robotics turns human pace and error into very fast and precise movements and operations. And now with Industry 4.0, every individual automation system in a plant is connected with each other, talking and behaving like a team in a way they could never before. They are able to diagnose themselves, even download the latest repair manual and fix it. 

Internet of Things (IoT) is an advancement in technology where every Thing (tools, appliances, machines etc.) is connected to internet with the ability to send and receive data anytime. This connectivity is used to observe usage data to improve functionality, diagnose problems, update softwares and any other purpose you can imagine. With the help of IoT, automation systems are now able to develop themselves even faster using the anonymous data of another system thousands miles away.

Technology eases also human operations in forms of wearables such as glasses, hats, gloves, wristbands, outfits and exoskeletons. Wearable technologies enable operators to lift heavier objects, define a defect on a product, measure distances with one look, communicate visually with others, voice-operate a machine and track their health. Wearable devices are also connected to network to benefit from  IoT functionalities.

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