We are living in an age where technology advances in a pace we have never seen before and competition is at its highest. It is also an age of high environmental concerns. Under these circumstances, it is a MUST for manufacturers to keep up with the advancement in technology and produce demanding goods efficiently and without any safety and environmental risks throughout the product lifecycle.

As Tikir Consulting, we have designed our engineering consultancy services according to the realities of our age. We make sure our clients manufacture top quality products with great efficiency and safety enhanced by the advanced technology in their production line.

Our team have extensive experience in developing solutions using broad range of know-how, technologies and applications in mechanical and electronical engineering such as industrial automation systems, production lines, robotics, electronics, sensors, machine vision, machine learning, traceability systems, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanical systems, PLC, pressure vessels, reactors, piping, pumps, valves, instruments and injection systems. We also have a good understanding of EHS regulations, particularly regarding explosive atmospheres and ATEX directives.

We provide engineering services for automation and process development projects. Some of the services we deliver include:

  1. System design (2D and 3D modelling, P&ID and drawings)
  2. Prototype design
  3. Prototype production
  4. Proof of concept (PoC)
  5. Design verification
  6. Production
  7. Installation (M&E)
  8. Commissioning
  9. Acceptance tests
  10. Maintenance (Preventive, corrective and predictive)
  11. Quality control & assurance
  12. Auditing & inspection

If you would like to hear more about our engineering services, please reach us!