Today, corporates live in an “innovate or die…” world. When an industry leading company is fighting in the field with its biggest competitor for another half percent market share, a no name newcomer unexpectedly disrupts the entire market with an innovative product, service or business model. We have seen this movie many times, even the old disruptors get disrupted when they start enjoying the comfy leading seat and forget a moment of innovating.

Innovation could be a powerful tool to transform your business into a dynamic and profitable company if you can learn, adopt and daily practise the principles of sustainable innovation. At Tikir Consulting, we support our clients in developing revolutionary projects, enabling them to reach new markets with innovative solutions and transform their businesses. Using our knowledge in “Lean Start-up Methodology”, we will help you develop the product or service which best fits your customers’ expectations. Together, we will learn how to fail fast and reproduce faster with the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach. We will analyse the Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) of your customers and unravel the desired outcomes they expect from those jobs which will help us in design of our new product or service.

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