Research and new product development projects need specific skills and experience for execution and corporates may face shortages from time to time.

At Tikir Consulting, we have demonstrated experience in hands-on execution of R&D and new product development projects in the energy and automotive industries. Our consultancy services include solutions using broad range of know-how, technologies and applications in mechanical, chemical and electronical engineering such as engine retrofit systems, fuel additives, markers, coal gasification, fuel synthesis, adsorption, robotics, electronics, sensors, pneumatics, pressure vessels, piping, pumps, valves, ATEX instruments and injection systems.

We provide innovative engineering services to our clients for managing and carrying out their R&D and new product development projects. With our help, they develop breakthrough technologies and utilize them by designing new products that meet their customers’ needs. Some of the  services we deliver include:

  1. Unraveling customer needs and desired outcomes
  2. Moderating brainstorming sessions
  3. Setting requirements for the new product
  4. Conducting market analysis
  5. Preparing feasibility study (cost/benefit analysis)
  6. Developing technology roadmaps
  7. Filing R&D incentive applications (Horizon 2020, Eureka, Eurostars)
  8. Product concept design (2D and 3D modelling and drawings)
  9. Prototype design
  10. Prototype production
  11. Proof of concept (PoC)
  12. Laboratory tests
  13. Dynamometer tests
  14. Field tests
  15. User tests
  16. Design verification
  17. Pilot production
  18. Scale up to industrial production
  19. Documentation and regulatory compliance
  20. Product roll-out

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